Diabetes• Increased thirst and hunger
• Increased urination during the day and night
• Dry mouth/cotton mouth
• Unintentional weight loss
• Fatigue
• Blurred vision
• Skin discoloration
• Wounds that will not heal



• Coarse and thinning hair
• Dry skin and nails
• Inability to tolerate the cold/always feeling cold
• Fatigue
• Feeling sluggish and weak
• Memory problems or mind fog
• Constipation
• Heavy and/or irregular menses



• Feeling nervous, anxious, or moody
• Hand tremors
• Rapid heartbeat and/or heart palpitations
• Insensitivity to heat
• Frequent and loose bowel movements
• Unintentional weight loss
• Hair loss
• Feeling on edge constantly

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