Theodore Steven Roosevelt, MD, PhD


I’ve wanted to be a physician since fifth-grade and have worked in health care since I was in high school. I was an insurance clerk for a GP, and a pharmacy delivery boy as well. I’ve been competitive as well, on the UCLA fencing team as an undergrad before being awarded a NIH scholarship to attend simultaneously graduate and medical school at the University of Utah where I graduated summa cum laude with a PhD in Anatomy in 1972, and magna cum laude in Medicine in 1974, all with a minor in skiing.

Determined not to put all my educational eggs in a single geographic basket, I then was recruited by Barnes Hospital in St Louis, MO where I did my internship and residency, majoring in internal medicine and sleep deprivation and was named as one of the top house officers in the country.

Finally, I returned to Southern California, after being recruited to one of the top endocrine training programs in the US at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. This entailed both clinical and research responsibilities under the direction of Dr William O’Dell.

I decided to pay it forward by returning to my former hometown in Southern California where I practiced for over 14 years before finally coming to Boise, seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the too big city.

I’m the proud father of four wonderful children, and have ten grandchildren, all of whom humble me by their love of life.

I am relearning to ski, and enjoy jogging, mountain biking, and have black belt status in the Japanese sword arts of kendo and iaido. I also golf (badly) and am learning to play the ukulele. I like the interaction of direct patient care and figuring out the Sherlockian puzzle of answering the three main questions of medicine: (1) What did you find, (2) what do they have, and (3) what do you recommend doing for them.

Given my place in the alphabet I’m sure that I’m at least the fourth endocrinologist in the Treasure Valley whose profile you are reading and you’re asking yourself, which one should I see. My colleagues are all pretty much well trained and have been around long enough to have accumulated sufficient clinical experience as well. So why choose me and my staff to treat your diabetic, endocrine, and metabolic disorders?

The answer is simple: This office takes the Hippocratic Oath seriously and puts you at the center of all diagnostic and therapeutic decisions we make. We will be your health care providers and will work for you. We are not representatives of either a multimillion hegemon, recently found to have engaged in antitrust activities to increase it’s market share, nor are we compensated by insurance companies on the basis of hitting a benchmark of a certain percentage of cheaper generic prescriptions which may or may not be the best treatment for you condition. We are bulldogs and will use the time honored tools of diagnosis; a history, physical examination, and laboratory and imaging technologies, to reach a firm decision about your condition. If we cannot find a problem, we will tell you that as well.

I hope you will consider this office for your needs. Thanks.



Sarah Lane, PA-C

Sarah_BIOI was born and raised here in Boise, ID. Growing up I was constantly outside. Whether I was riding to the Natatorium on my bike or building forts in the Boise foothills, I was always up for an adventure. I attended Boise High School where I earned a Lifetime Achievement Award for being a four year lettermen in the sport of women’s fast pitch softball. To this day, if I’m not at work, I’m often on the softball field. I also enjoy playing soccer, volleyball, and boxing, as well as hiking with my two dogs and cycling through town.

My mother has been a nurse my entire life. One day while visiting her at work a patient suddenly started having a violent seizure. Seeing my Mom jump into action and take care of the patient while, somehow, simultaneously calming the patient’s family was amazing. I knew, at that moment that I wanted to be in the medical field. It wasn’t until after volunteering at a local hospital and meeting with various medical professionals, however, that I set my sights on becoming a physician assistant.

I graduated from Idaho State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology and immediately went into their graduate Physician Assistant Studies program. Throughout the intense two year program you learn a lot and you get to experience just about every field of medicine. While there were many interesting topics, there was one field that stood out to me: endocrinology. During my second year of PA school I was able to do two rotations with Dr. T. Steven Roosevelt at Idaho Diabetes and Endocrinology Assoc. Dr. Roosevelt taught me the ins and outs of diabetes management and thyroid treatment, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of other rare endocrine disorders. Through my two rotations my love of all things endocrine only grew. After graduating with a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies I then accepted a position with Dr. Roosevelt here at Idaho Diabetes and Endocrine Assoc.

After a few years I got the itch to explore and moved to the state of Utah. While living in Salt Lake City I worked in Family Medicine and while I appreciated the opportunity to do something new, I really missed working in endocrinology. So after about three years I decided to move back to Boise and I was relieved to discover that there was still a position available for me here at Idaho Diabetes and Endocrine Associates.

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